Grinding perfectly
to the

After CNC milling or turning, we grind each part with the utmost precision, if desired, ensuring it fully meets all requirements. You specify the tolerances, we ensure that it works perfectly. We will only stop when your part is optimal and fully operational! This is usually remarkably fast.

Grinding with
quality machines

By only using the highest quality equipment in our workshop, we guarantee the requested parts to fit seamlessly into your machine park. Our people’s expertise ensures maximum flexibility and participation in grinding.

machines we use for
our grinding projects.

#01 Grinding

Equiptop esg 1632 td

A very modern and high-quality grinding machine used to deliver our end products the perfect finish. The Equiptop grinding machine is equipped with 2 AC motors for the vertical feed. This allows both fast and slow vertical movements to be performed.


X: 800 mm
Z: 400 mm
Expertise, experience and modern machinery enable us to offer the following services:
CNC Milling
CNC Turning
CNC Spark machining
Measuring room


CNC milling by Tools & Technics Houben
We realise all your CNC milling projects

CNC Milling

A machine part is only finished when the customer is completely satisfied. After our high-end cutting and milling, we grind your parts until they are nothing less than perfect. You specify the tolerances, we do not allow ourselves a nanometer clearance! Read more
CNC Turning by Tools & Technics Houben
Wij realise all your CNC turning projects

CNC Turning

Looking for metals, non-ferrous metals or plastics with an immaculate and smooth finish? Count on the craftmanship of Tools & Technics Houben! No irregularities can withstand our high-tech CNC lathes. Read more
Grinding till perfection
Have your workpieces grinded by Tools & Technics Houben


A workpiece isn’t finished before the client is fully satisfied. After spark cutting and milling, we grind your parts until they are absolutely flawless. You tell us the tolerances, we won’t allow ourselves a nanometer clearance! Read more

CNC Spark Machining

Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), zinc EDM… our seasoned team masters every technique down to the smallest detail. In our high-end environment, perfection is the only standard. The best treatment, ensuring optimal results: that's what we’re all about! Read more

Measuring room

Measuring is knowing. Since challenging precision work is our passion, measurement is key to all our processes. Only the pinnacle of modern measuring equipment is therefore tolerated in our climatically adapted measuring room. Read more


The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Tools & Technics Houben makes sure every part fits seamlessly. Driven by accuracy, we ensure that every workpiece fulfills its task in your machine with utmost excellence! This means you also came to the right place for highly expert assembly. Read more

CNC Milling

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