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We must admit; we did not choose the easiest way. By fully focusing on the niche of fine mechanics and extremely detailed designs, we raised the bar quite high. This pushes us towards exploring the boundaries of this extremely fascinating market. Our machine building parts have to meet that astronomically high bar or they won't leave our workshop. Anyone who orders a part from us, opts for an operational boost for their business, simple as that!


What actually explains a lot, is our urge for perfectionism. As a seasoned craftsman in the production of machine parts, business manager Bjorn Houben could no longer resist the lure of his ambitions.
As a mechanical designer, he knew that he could bring substantial added value to many industrial companies or craftsmen. The requirements, certainly for a number of very specific sectors, are growing exponentially; Bjorn was eager to dive into that challenge. The choice to start this company, about ten years ago, was only logic… It turned out to be the right one.

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Bjorn Houben - Zaakvoerder Tools & Technics Houben

Bjorn Houben

- Manager
Being a thoroughbred technician and entrepreneur, Bjorn can fully relate to the aspirations of business leaders, designers and operators. Based on horizontal leadership, in which the expertise of each team member is fully appreciated, he gets the best out of his people and his machines. His familiarity with your wishes is what makes the difference.
Bjorn Houben - Zaakvoerder Tools & Technics Houben


Meet our true techie. No software application, device or working method is too complex for him, on the contrary. Relentless training and an insatiable thirst for knowledge make this operator irreplaceable as a sounding board and driving force for any project, no matter how challenging.
Bjorn Houben - Zaakvoerder Tools & Technics Houben


Every company needs one: the inveterate perfectionist. A workpiece will be perfect or it simply will not be; there’s no way in between. It is how we protect the faultless quality of our end products. Like we mentioned: we set the bar high here. Thanks to this colleague we effortlessly jump over it every day.
Bjorn Houben - Zaakvoerder Tools & Technics Houben


To function as one well-oiled machine, a team also needs oil. That is why this colleague is simply indispensable. In addition to an exemplary work ethic, his connecting power and humor are an added value that can never be underestimated. State-of-the-art technology also thrives in an excellent atmosphere.
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